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Wedding Singer Or A Wedding Band – Choose Wisely

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There are many things that you are looking to make your wedding celebrations best. To make your wedding enjoyable you need to make arrangements accordingly as entertainment is an important part of a wedding. If you are confused whether to hire a wedding singer or a live performing band, both have some good points as well as some drawbacks so, you should be taking notice of the points when making decision of hiring.

Choosing in between wedding singers and bands:

First of all, the thing that you need to know is that there is a major difference in a wedding singer and a band and that is their cost, significant difference that will affect your decision. Having a great wedding ceremony singers is quite different from having group of singers and musicians in the form of a band invited to attend your wedding. This is be a decision to make that you are able to pay these four to five people instead of a single wedding singer. This ends up with a big difference in your total cost but there is always a solution. There are many bands that offer you some packages in reasonable price that will be affordable. So, if you are more intended to have a band in your wedding, then money will not be a hurdle for you to fulfil your desire on your most special day.

Wedding singers being the solo performance has the advantage of possessing less space as compared to the bands who need to adjust their music instruments and require more space. Music instruments and music system with a band covers more space, they need a proper corner where they can perform freely to entertain you and your guests making your day most special. Both the wedding singers and bands have some positive and negative points. Bands no doubt occupy more space but they are more playful and there is a better chance t have an unforgettable experience of enjoying live music as compared to a single singer. Solo singer on the other hand is more convenient in terms of occupying less space and low rates. They can add up a soft touch of entertainment in your wedding day without giving you a big kick on your pocket.

If you are not a person who likes loud music than you must not think about hiring a band. Solo wedding singer will be a best option if you want to enjoy slow soothing music on your event. Wedding singers usually perform with backing tracks which can be adjusted as per the requirement. Live bands are quite loud as compared to solo singers as they have many instruments to play and give their performance.


There are several things to keep in mind when you are choosing in between a solo wedding singer and a band for your wedding day. Consider the points mentioned to make a better decision and make your day memorable. You can hire wedding singers as well as bands from “Red Tie Band”


Factors To Consider When Choosing The Music Provider For A Wedding

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Despite the popular opinion, we all are supposed to get married once in a lifetime. But even if it was your second or the third, all of us deserve to start things anew whenever we can. In doing so, the role of the big ceremony is quite important. That is the single reason why you should be more and more careful about the choices that you make when you are taking care of the planning. Even if you were planning alone or with the help of a professional, the choice of the music provider for the event must be made with your presence. In doing so, you need to consider a few factors.Here are the best out of them that you must always consider.

Live or DJ

It is a common occurrence to see a DJ at the corner of a wedding hall at some part of the ceremony. But the effect of live wedding bands in Brisbane cannot be even thought of being paralleled by a DJ.

Because that is where the aliveness is and that is the same reason why you should either go for both the live playing option and the DJ or for the live music only. Lacking something like this in such a sentimental event will be quite evident and it will not come out so good. Looking for a professional and skilled in DJ or band job you can see this page in such reliable information.

The number of instruments being played

The variation of live music varies according to the number of people that will be playing on the stage. Three-piece, five piece and seven piece are popular examples for these. Whatever the option that you go for, you must make sure that the group consists of enough people to handle the situation in the right way. At the same time, make sure that instruments like the bass guitar, the drums, the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar and the keyboard are included in their list for a more comprehensive solution.

Whether you can choose the songs

What use would it be if you couldn’t hear your favorite songs on your special day? This is why the choice of the live music group must be willing to play most of the songs that you want them to. In fact, be sure to select the song to which you will be doing the first dance with. Things like these are what make an event like this wholesome.The availabilityYou can’t work with a group of people who will be unavailable. So, make your reservations well beforehand, period.