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Asbestos Removal: Amazing Things You Need To Know

Many people understand the harmful effects of asbestos, but this is not always the case. There have been times when this material has been widely used. This may sound surprising, but in reality, asbestos side effects have only recently been discovered. When analysing many more aspects of asbestos, you must discover many other surprising things.

1. You can find asbestos in unexpected places

The fact that asbestos has been used extensively in the past means that it is likely to be found where it is unlikely. You can find it in certain places you didn’t expect. If you don’t know it exists, you risk dispersing the fibres in the air and inhaling them.

Admittedly, the use of asbestos in household building materials was suspended until the 1980s. However, as revealed, the full ban was only valid a few years ago in 2003. This means that various products may still be in circulation, which can be found in various places.

Taking this risk into account, it is advisable to always pay attention to the remodelling of your home. Even small modifications that you think you can make on your own may require the services of a licensed to assess your asbestos risk.

Additionally, employers must take appropriate measures to protect their employees from the dangers of asbestos. Assessments should be conducted in the workplace to identify potential hazards using efficient asbestos air monitoring system. Air monitoring may be required to detect the risk of airborne fibres.

2. The presence of asbestos is not necessarily dangerous

This may sound intuitive, but, indeed, the presence of asbestos does not necessarily pose a danger to you, your family, or your job. This can only be harmful when the asbestos-containing material (ACM) is released into the air, and at this point, it will inhale fine particles. An asbestos air monitoring system must be deployed at the workplace or home.

However, if you find an ACM in your home, you should avoid contact with the ACM, which can break. Do not puncture, cut, or tear as it can disperse toxic fibres in the air.

If the ACM already shows signs of wear, it is likely to cause a health hazard that requires immediate attention. This means a service contract for a licensed removal specialist with sufficient equipment and capabilities to handle asbestos removal.

3. If you stop using asbestos, the impact will not stop

Stopping exposure to harmful substances in certain health conditions and adopting a healthy lifestyle can reverse the harmful effects. However, it does not apply to asbestos. When exposed to toxic fibres, even if you stop exposure to them, it can take 10 to 30 years for harmful effects to appear.

Therefore, you should always be careful not to expose yourself to toxic fibres. Furthermore, such fibres are often too small with the naked eye. This means that air monitoring systems are the most effective way to detect fibres in the air.